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My dear Brothers & Sisters,

  It is my pleasure to extend you warm greeting and best wishes for the New Year for continued good health, happiness and all around prosperity.

 By the grace of Almighty, 2017 has been a tremendous year and we have continued to progress in every sphere with the unflinched support from all sections of the Community. The most eventful occasion, however, has been the celebration of “125th Mohyal Diwas” held at Talkatora Stadium on 12th March, attended by over 3000 brothers & sisters in a most orderly and solemn manner and pay our respectful homage to our founding elders who planted a sapling over 125 years back and which has blossomed in today, in beautiful fruit bearing trees under the shade of which we all identify ourselves as siblings of our great ancestors and feel mighty proud.

 With the blessings of our elders we continue to expand. The construction of Mohyal Bhawan at Yamuna Nagar is in full swing and we have also plans to build one additional floor at Mohyal Ashram Haridwar in response to popular demand but, besides these monuments we are aiming to consolidate ourselves and implement following welfare plans during the year which should benefit the weaker sections of the Community in a substantial way:

(a) “Adopt a Child” scheme–with resolve that no Mohyal child should be deprived of education for want of funds.

(b) Skill development–we should sponsor skill development for our children and our young widow sisters to enable them to stand on their own legs.

(c) Mohyal population census – detailed information on each Mohyal family  will benefit the Community in its future endeavors. 

(d) Amendment of GMS Constitution – with a view to ensure that all Mohyal assets of GMS and local Sabhas are fully protected & conserved for all times to be used only for welfare of the community.

(e) Bhawan/Ashrams of the GMS – to ensure that every bhawan/ashram and Institution of the GMS is self sufficient and is no drain on the charity planned by the GMS.

 To initiate positive steps to implement the above proposal, we have called for a meeting of Presidents & Secretaries of all affiliated sabhas on 28 Jan 2018 to elicit their views because local Mohyal Sabhas are the main and possibly the only source of the GMS to build bonds with the Community members as also to spot/identify and reach out to those amongst them who are needy and provide them benefits of GMS welfare schemes. We aim to strengthen the local sabhas to enable them to play a much more dynamic role in the welfare chain and we are confident of fullest cooperation from all concerned.

 We look forward to the future with lot of confidence and optimism, and with your continued support and blessings, we will definitely achieve whatever we desire to do.

Wishing you again the very best in the New Year.

Yours affectionately

(B D Bali) 

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